Travelling is challenging

All parents know these situations: sitting in a restaurant, trying to keep the children happy AND at the same time being able to enjoy your own food. Or travelling and keeping the little ones happily occupied so that the flight or the drive does not feel like torture. Instead of typical painting or sticker books, why not give them a chance to be creative?


In the TravelArt for kids bag you will find coloured pencils with a pencil sharpener, a block of paper and stickers. These are packed by theme with suggestions on how they could be used. For example: “paint the sea” so this pack contains fun fish stickers. The stickers are kept simple so as not to limit the child’s level of creativity. The stickers can also be decorated by the children with further details.


So that all the stickers are not used up at once, they are packed in “portion“ sized bags. They can be then be distributed as required. The sticker bag can be refilled again & again (in different sized refills, either with 5 or 10 sticker packs per bag). The TravelArt for kids bags, as well as being so cute, are, of course, reusable.

In addition to this there are extra kits with even more play ideas (like a jigsaw puzzle to be painted, play dough kits or similar). This guarantees long lasting fun with the TravelArt for kids bags, while at the same time boosting creativity.

Quality is safety

To ensure the safety of our products we strictly look after a high quality and harmless substance of the used materials. According to this standard our products do have a reasonable price but the only thing we cannot afford is to risk our childrens health by using only the cheapest materials.



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Mask Kit
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Birdhouse Kit
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Red / White
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Black / White
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Artist Kit
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